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It is I, Kepier, have obtained clearance to send you some information that will address why you are feeling so VERY tired. When I say “you,” I mean the many awakened ones on the body of Gaia. You see, there are huge decisions being made at very higher levels of your world at this time. These decisions are greatly altering the energetic signature of planet Earth. For those of you who have merged with planet Earth, these energetic changes are greatly influencing your earth vessel. The simplest way to describe what is happening is that Earth’s changing energetic signature is altering and re-booting the genetic codes of your earth vessel. Actually, the DNA genetic codes from your 3% human genome are gradually being shut-off, and the codes of the 97% of your DNA known as “Junk DNA” is taking over your physical system.

During this shift from the limited experience of ONLY the third and some fourth dimensional worlds into the full multidimensional experiences of reality, you will likely experience fatigue. As you know, when you change the operating system in your computer, the machine is of little use to you. In the same manner, when you are shifting your Operating Codes from third/fourth dimensional to multidimensional, it is difficult for you to do too much of anything. We Galactics who are assisting with this procedure, know that many of you still need to “play the 3D Game” for the sake of your families and employers. However, those of you who have the freedom to “take off some time” (we love that expression for time is an illusion) we highly recommend that you do so.

If you need to have a great deal of outward focus, it will slow your process of downloading and integrating your new Operating System. However, if it is necessary to still “play the Game,” your process will still continue, but at a slower rate. Since there is no time in our reality, we (I speak for all Galactics) support your decision to allow this transmutation of SELF to occur in whichever way best suits your earth vessel and physical responsibilities. Many Wayshowers are feeling the greatest exhaustion, as they must go through this experience first, and relatively quickly, so that they can assist others. We wish you all to know that your transmutation is a marvelous event, which you have awaited for myriad incarnations on the body of Gaia.

You, the awakened ones, are the catalyst for the decisions that are currently being made. Because of your transmutation of fear into unconditional love and the great light that you have been able to absorb and project, the process of Earth’s ascension is being kicked into high gear. We wish you all to know that YOU are Earth, and it is your ascension process conjoined with Earth’s that is allowing these decisions to be made. Yes, we hear you asking what the decisions are, but we must leave that to your multidimensional perceptions to perceive.

All major reality shifts must be made in certain manner. In your third dimensional reality, there are sequences of events that must be lined up so that the process of change can proceed in an orderly manner. Conversely, the process of change in the fifth dimension is beyond the limitations of time. Hence, the process of change is not sequential. Instead, many possible versions of reality intermingle and merge. This merging of possible realities resembles cells that gradually, or swiftly, bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of reality. In other words, certain patterns of light intermingle within the creative force of unconditional love to manifest a matrix upon which a new reality can take birth.

However, because the fifth dimension is beyond time, that which is in the process of being created, has already been created. We know that this type of thinking is difficult while you are still bound by your linear, time-bound thinking. This is why it is important for you all to relax into the process of integrating the new Multidimensional Operating System into your biological, computer brain/mind. You may think of your biological computer as the personal brain to your third dimensional expression of SELF. Simultaneously, within your Multidimensional version of SELF, your biological computer/brain functions like the Internet so that you can link into the Group Mind of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Since the information that will soon be released can actually short-circuit the linear, human brain to create myriad erratic emotions and behaviors, it is vital that the awakened grounded ones fully integrate and adapt to their Multidimensional Operating System so that they can assist others to understand. Those that are new to the information that will be released will more likely accept explanations from members of their own society, and from those with whom they are already familiar. Therefore, it is important that we “push” our Wayshowers a bit, as “time” is running out. We all want the transformation from the reality of physical Earth into New Earth to be as harmonious and peaceful.

From our perspective, we see that many of you have embraced much of your multidimensional nature. Therefore, you are in the “fine tuning” stage of your process of merging with the Unity Consciousness/Group Mind of the fifth dimension and beyond. To those of you who still cherish the illusion of pure individuality, the concept of a Group Mind may feel threatening. We wish you to know that the integration of your wonderful individuality into the Unity Consciousness will be one of your greatest contributions. Your myriad adventures and stories of ascension will be one of Gaia’s greatest treasures.

You, the members of ascending Earth, have a wondrous variety of thoughts, emotions, creations, societies and manifestations that will greatly enrich the ONE upon your return Home to New Earth. You are all brave Scouts that have chosen to take a new form in dualistic reality based on separation from the ONE. You have experienced extremes of individuality that are rare in our Galaxy. And, most fascinating of all, you have found within you the Wisdom, Power and Love to return to the ONE to share your great gift of EXPERIENCE.

Over the millions of Gaia’s years, She has been home to myriad developing societies, who now encircle Her in their adult, ascended forms, to assist their great Mother Earth back to Her true, Multidimensional SELF. Since you Wayshowers have deeply bonded with Gaia, you will be able to forgo the possible “disasters” of a swift and violent transition. Because of the Light and Love that you have taken into your forms and shared with Gaia, you have been able to awaken to your Power to stand firm in your convictions that your are FREE Beings of Light who do NOT need, and will NOT tolerate, any further domination from Service-to-Self beings.

Because you have looked into your own SELF and found your Inner Power, Ancient Wisdom and Unconditional Love, you, people and planet, will retrace your Way Back Home. Because the transmutations of your earth vessel will be synchronized with Earth’s changes, there won’t be any sense of separation from your present reality into the reality of New Earth. There are some who may desire to create a different kind of reality, such as a mass ascension of many people who separate from the planet and go “some place else.” However, separation from Earth is a third dimensional concept, to which you have grown accustomed from the death experiences of your many earthly incarnations.

Death is an illusion. Energy, which you are, does not die. Energy merely transmutes. Some of you will choose an experience in which you transmute into a Lightbody and appear to “leave” the Earth. Others have chosen to stay with Gaia. Therefore their transmutation into Lightbody will match the transmutation of Gaia into Her Lightbody. Within this choice of ascension realities, there will be not “moment of ascension,” for their will be a steady process of re-writing DNA, which will re-write your thoughts, perceptions, creations and form. Dear ascending ones, because you have become the Master of your SELF, you can be the Master of your Ascension.

We observe your process from our myriad Starships. When you have invited us to land, we shall be able to intimately share your experience. And, yes, we are waiting for a critical mass of Gaia’s light quotient to “invite us to land.” As you know, there are millions who would be terrified by our landing. Therefore, we depend on our Wayshowers to unconditionally love and educate those maintain that fear. You may think that that is an impossible task, but as you and Gaia steadily (and quite quickly now) raise your resonance, many of the frightened ones will log-out of your reality. They will then log-in to another reality.

We hear your questions of, “Will they die?” “Will they know what they are doing?” “What about my loved ones?” etc., etc., etc.. These are questions to which you must find the answers within your SELF. Which reality do you want to create? Where do you wish to put your focus? Some of you need to be the Scouts to create the Path into New Earth. Others may want to stay with the un-awakened. Others may wish to remain asleep.

What do you choose?

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  • Het nieuws is uit, maar jij hebt het nog niet gehoord. ************************************ Jalousie is veranderd in liefde, Hoeveel liefde is er nog te vinden? ************************************ De maan heeft haar gezicht geopend en ook haar vleugels van licht. *************************************** Leen ogen om dit te zien, als de jouwe het nog niet zien. ************************************** Dag en nacht komen er pijlen naar je vanuit verborgen bogen. *************************************** Als je geen wapen hebt en je nergens kan verstoppen voor de Dood die altijd dichter bij komt, dan kan je net zo goed je overgeven. ************************************** Het koper van je wezen is al getransmuteerd in goud door de alchemie van Mozes, maar jij rommelt nog in een geldbuidel op zoek naar muntjes. **************************************** Je hebt Egypte's gelijke in je, Kilometerlange oevers met rietsuikerplantages, de bron van al het zoete, maar jij loopt te tobben of je snoep wel komt van een winkel buiten jezelf. *************************************** Uitwendige vorm, je reikt voor vormen, maar jij bent de Jozef. *************************************** Doe je ogen dicht, en staar in de spiegel, naar de vlam die je ogen verlicht. *************************************** Je lichaam is een kameel die soepel en direct naar Mekka reist. *************************************** Jij denkt dat je rondhangt op het dorpsplein op een ezel, of de verkeerde kant opgaat, maar dat is niet zo. **************************************** Deze karavaan is een triomf die binnen wordt gehaald in Godin's werkelijkheid. ******************************************** uit: Rumi: bridge to the soul. translation Coleman Barks. vertaling naar nederlands door Klara Adalena



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